It is what it is and I love it all !

All we can do is have joy in everything good .

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Good morning !  I have made up my mind that today will be a delightful day, even if I get bombarded with negative stuff I will think and do something positive to counteract it.  And I will be busy with Jane's TIAS , I'm probably going to have to practice some rings and chains though, but I know it will be worth it, darn it
though that I am on day 3 still,but I'm still not quitting. 
Here are a few items I needle tatted for my 3 grandchildren and the 
the girls chose their colors and the boy was too young so I started 
One for him a couple of months ago but had to put it down because I needed to make mug rugs for the girls teachers and bus drivers (those will be posted later).
Have yourselves a delightful day everyone and please stop by later today.


  1. Very cute. how old are the girls?

  2. Thanks Karen,the girls are 5 and 8

  3. I really like that centre horse! Very colourful!
    Fox : )