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Wednesday, March 26, 2014

New resource !

Hi everyone,

I have been downloading alot of pdf's of really old tatting, needlework books.  Today I downloaded one from 1880.  
My new resource is the Library of Congress.  It won't show anything for tatting nor crocheting nor lace, you will have to search for needlework and handwork to get the tatting and other patterns. Just go to,

I put up the teddy bear I was working on, I got so frustrated because I made a mistake and had to cut some of the side of the tummy off.  I will go back to it when I'm no longer mad at it. 
 I have been searching for a doiley , a good size one to tat and  I started tatting the trim for a wedding veil.
Now I have to work on Easter presents for my granddaughters teachers and bus driver.  I know what I'm making and I will post them after I am finished with them.  All I will say is it is for their desks / dashboard and it is quilted and it is usable not just something to look at.  I 
might add a wee bit of tatted lace also.
 I will post a photo of something I am working on tomorrow, maybe I and my grandson will finish making our bunny and chicks garland.
He will like that.
For now,

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