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Tuesday, March 11, 2014


Delightful day everyone !
I don't have any pics yet , hopefully later today I will post some.  I have been working on some quilted wall hangings, also, I have been tatting in between posts and sewing.  
The cold weather we have been having here in WNY has been slowing me down a bit because of the pain in my hands and my neck and shoulders .
I went for a mammogram yesterday, it should be all clear this time.  Four years ago I had a biopsy of my right breast and they got all of the calcifications out and none were pre- cancerous.  
On the left hand side of this post is a link to the Breast Cancer Site, please click it on and then click on the top where it says "click here to donate a free mammogram". It Does Not cost any money .  But , if you want to donate money or buy something you are able to there.
Please don't hesitate , someone's life depends on you.

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