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Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Happy Tatters Day !

Here is an egg I tatted up with Lizbeth 20 color jelly bean, I found it on the way back machine, I will post again later, right now I have to go into the school and pick up my granddaughter.

I also started a mint basket from the book 
AWB Book number six,
Anna Wuerfel Brown, I will be making those for our Easter dinner table in the Lizbeth 20 jelly bean.
HERE I AM , yesterday I posted the above .
I have the address of this Easter egg for all of you.

That was a long one, the pattern was posted on April 1999. Also there was one little error in the pattern and it is under the clover section ,the first ring reads
R 4+4-4-4-4
it should be 
R 4+4-4-4
Have a happy day!

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