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Thursday, May 8, 2014

Have A Blessed Mothers Day !

 A great day for sewing blocks together for my grandson's quilt top.  I ordered dinosaur fabric from Joann's but it was out of stock so yesterday I cut 172 - 5"x5" blocks and today I will make blocks of 4 each.  I'm not making anything fancy until I sew the dinosaur appliqués and the roads on.
Everyone have a beautiful and blessed day.

I did it!  This is an update to the photo above.  All of the 5" squares are now sewed together as blocks of 
4 - 5" squares sewed together to make 1 block,
tomorrow I will lay all of them out and put them together to make a quilt top.  And over the weekend I will make dinosaur appliqués and roads for Monday sewing.

Have a beautiful and blessed weekend!

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