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All we can do is have joy in everything good .

Friday, July 11, 2014

Busy, busy , busy

I have been busy, here are some pics,
Here are my 3 grandchildren decorating a tee pee we are making.

I have been sewing Lucas' quilt. Tomorrow I will sew the flyboy blocks for each corner.

Keira was busy sewing with me, she wanted to make her Teddy a back pack, and some pillows, also she is holding up Boots from Dora Explorer
Because she was making him a new shirt.  I am so happy she is able to sew on my machine with very little help.
And here are some skirts I started for me and 
the girls.

I have also been tatting a doiley and hand 
embroidering quilt blocks of a blue bird.

On this Doiley I cut away the split rings and I am now adding pearl tatting.(I just learned how to pearl tat) :)

And there are other items I have been busy with.
Have a great weekend everyone !
Blessings !

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