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Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Busy making Halloween costumes

This is what I have been busy with. I was going to tat many snowflakes to put on this but the veils have a great design on them that look like snowflakes. Here is just some of the work I did so far.  The sleeves have to be put on and I'm putting another layer over the skirt.  And I'm making  a wedding veil, which I still have to make the crown for.  The first photo is the dress and the second is the veil on top of the dress.
My granddaughter who is 6 loves you know who ! Elsa from frozen that's who!  So I am making an Elsa Bride.
I will post when it's finished.  I'm also helping with my other granddaughters costume , Batgirl. I will post both when I am finished.

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