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Saturday, January 18, 2014

It's Saturday, hoorah !

Good day everyone,
I love lazy Saturdays, and it was a somewhat lazy day.  I started the day 5 of Jane Eborall's TIAS.  
I'm volunteering my sewing skills for a local group who holds events for ice skating with special needs children.  I volunteered to help out with the costumes, she dropped off 4 yesterday.
I have so many things planned for 2014 ! I'm also looking for a quilt sew along.  I'm interested in this gift circle thing for quilting also, I just have to find one.
But for now, I'm going back to my puzzle app. , it s my favorite app it's called "Magic Puzzles".
For now I will go and I will return on Monday, Sunday is my day off.
Stay Happy Tatting !

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