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Thursday, January 23, 2014

Thursday and when oh when is Greys Anatomy going to be on?

Hello everyone,
I'm waiting and waiting for my fav show, Grey's Anatomy.
Ooh how can they make us fans wait soooo long, tooooo
Ok ok I will get back to this now, :)
I'm going to sew tomorrow even though day 7 of Jane Eborall's TIAS will be posted.  I am going to get at least two costumes finished tomorrow. 
 I'm going to make a plan on making a dog house , you know the kind, the one where if you do something bad you get put in the dog house, they were made of wood years ago but I can't find any and even if I could I want to quilt one. 
 I also saw a key holder I want to make, sooo come back everyday.
And yes I will still find time for tatting.  Hmm, I might just quilt and add some tatting to it like I did to the advent calendar, only not just a little lace here and there.
WOOHOO I'm getting really excited now!

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