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All we can do is have joy in everything good .

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Wednesday is another delightful day

Wednesday is a good day, if you allow yourself to make it a good day.  
Here is day 6 of Jane Eborall's TIAS , those darn joins on the second half of the split ring ---UGH-- but I am getting use to them.  I had to redo this one because I got all the way to the 10th SR and I realized I joined at the wrong picot for SR # 9, well, I tried and I tried to get that ring out but instead the thread got week and it broke, so then I tied the 2 shuttles on the broken threads and I was doing ok and then they came untied, so snip snip and I redid it, :) which is ok because I got more use to tatting.
All is well now, here it is,

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