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Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Tuesday and where have I been ?

Hi everyone,
I haven't been able to post anything because when I tried yesterday Google would not load my pics right and then it just deleted everything and wouldn't let me post.  I had trouble commenting on Jane Eborall's site also. Hopefully I won't have any problems this time.
It has been really cold here that the schools were closed today, and yesterday the schools were open but the streets in my neighborhood were not plowed so the girls and me stood in the front of the house for the school bus  and she came and the girls went to school.  
We did more decorating of the wall for Valentine's day, the theme this year are love birds.  Which of course sent me searching for bird printables and then tatted love bird patterns.  I didn't find the pattern I wanted so I'm contemplating making one myself, I have only made a couple of items by redesigning patterns but this time I want to start with my own design and I want 2 love birds kissing.  I could very easily make my own crocheted one but tatting one would be more challenging and exciting.
I wonder how many people I know wonder ,how I can get excited about tatting. Well fellow tatters, we can honestly say we know what it is all about.  I'm going to shuttle around with the idea tomorrow morning for a couple of hours and see what I can come up with.
Here are some pics of what I get to look at right outside my house, UGH, I don't like the cold.  

Happy tatting everyone!

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