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Saturday, April 12, 2014

My favorite cross

Good evening everyone,

Here is a photo of my favorite tatted cross . I have tatted so many of these I forget how many.
Here it is in a size 10 . I have made these in every color I could get my hands on and in many many sizes , also with beads and a tassel.
I found this pattern over 10 years ago in a newsletter from Handy Hands.  
This cross is the very first tatted item I made.
 It means the world to me.  
In the SW it is known as baby Brianna's cross , for a three month old infant who was brutalized in many horrible ways. I gave these away to many people in her name.  It still grieves my heart for her.  Making these crosses and giving them away in her name gives me something in my heart to know she is with Jesus now.

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