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Saturday, February 8, 2014

Saturday night and I'm alright ! :)

Good evening everyone. I have been getting many panels to quilt and embellish to sell on my Etsy shop. I believe there is a very good selection. 
I received my new shuttles today, I really needed very small ones to be able to tat the way I saw on YouTube . My fingers are small so I searched many sites that I googled and I saw some shuttles I really want but they are too long. I have been a customer of Handy Hands for more than 10 years and I of course looked there and behold they are there , mother of pearl and only 1 &1/2 inch. I am thrilled that I can flitter now. I'm still looking for a shop I can purchase some metallic thread in size 20 or 10 that I can tat with.  I have tried many that I have here and none of them worked, but you see I won't give up on that quest :) 
Well good night for now, Monday I start my work on making items to post on 1Snowflake Lane (Etsy).

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