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Thursday, February 6, 2014

Thursday and I'm back

Hi Everyone,
I have been so busy getting things together to make.  I bought a group of fabric panels to make quilted wall hangings. I have been setting up my Etsy shop.  I started it last year but didn't follow through because of my hand, now I just have to set up PayPal and post some items to sell.  It is named. 1Snowflake Lane.
Now that I am shuttle tatting, I had to start making my own patterns, here is a love bird I have been working on;        

I have bridal veils I bought last year and I wanted to add lace but I wasn't sure if tatted or crocheted lace would look good.  I know now that tatted is best,
here is something I found on the web, it is really beautiful ,I'm not going to copy it ,I will make my own ( using the shuttle of course).

The dragon I was working on did not turn out, I didn't like the way it looked after I joined the body to another part of the body, also the chains were either too short or too long.
I will post again tomorrow,

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